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Bieffe designs and manufactures special tools applicable in the precision mechanic industry.

Each of our services is designed to meet a customer’s need: in addition to the clamping and gripping equipment and any type of special tool, we offer a 360° machine tool equipment service, providing standard or custom profiled tools and inserts, special or standard tool holders, pass-through plugs and any measuring and control instrument.


Make a wish: we create the product that will make it happen

Design & Engineering:

Design experience and in-depth know-how about different industrial sectors make us a leading company in the field of industrial mechanical engineering applied to machine tools. Thanks to important investments in computer systems and three-dimensional machines, we are able to think beyond the single object, showing you the item in its final appearance.

Industrial subcontracting

We identify ourselves as reliable technological partners and our goal is to be always at the complete disposal of the customer. Therefore we have machining centers (CNC milling machines and lathes) for the subcontracting service. We offer third-party processing of small or medium batches, realizing finished products in accordance with projects respecting shipping deadlines.

Thermal treatments and coatings

In order to offer an even more complete service, we collaborate with qualified suppliers for the application of thermal treatments such as quenching, normalization, annealing, tempering, relaxing, cementing, nitriding and coatings (i.e. anodizing, Tin and Ticn). In this way we provide products that are durable over time and characterised by high mechanical and technological properties.

Quality control

The constant monitoring and control of the production phases is a necessary condition to maintain the high-quality standards of the products we offer. Over the years we have implemented in-line production CNC coordinate measuring machines and state-of-the-art vision systems, increasing productivity and improving our quality proven by measurement certificates. 

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